IFM Steering committee chairman

Graham Honeyman
Sarach Steel Technologies, United Kingdom
IFM Steering committee chairman

Gareth Barker
Sheffield Forgemasters, United Kingdom

Federica Bassani
AIM, Italy

Flavio Bregant
Federacciai, Italy

Bill Edwards
Elwood Group, USA

Shen Guoqu
Erzhong (Deyang) Heavy Equipment Co. Ltd., China

Jacopo Guzzoni
Fomas group, Italy

Mario Gussago
Fomec, Italy

Gerhard Hackl
Asmet, Austria

Osama Matsumoto
Kobelco Research Institute Inc., Japan

Daisuke Ota
JSCFA, Japan

Gabriele Rampinini
Forgiatura A. Vienna, Italy

Ralf Rech
Consultant, Germany

Jan Terhaar
Saarschmiede GmbH, Germany

Jin Zhang
China Forge, China

Dieter Bokelmann
The IFM is sad to announce the news concerning the passing of Dieter Bokelmann, one of the key members of the IFM Committee since July 2016. He had a long technical history since receiving a Masters Degree and Doctorate from the University of Hannover between 1981 and 1985. He was Head of the Forging Department at Thyssen Heirichshutte in 1983 before joining VSG Essen. He then became Head of Forging and Heat Treatment at Saarschmiede GmbH and was promoted to Technical Managing Director of Saarschmiede between 2007 and 2016.
He had a wealth of forging knowledge and will be missed by many people.